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This program is designed to support a DOS-program printing to modern ink jet and laser printers. Many inexpensive printers can't print in text-mode, but print in graphic-mode only (so called GDI-devices). Also, old (and some newer) DOS-programs were created on the basis of a text-mode matrix printer. In addition, many printers can't support the native languages in text-mode.

DOSPRN helps to get over this problem. You can use it with DOS-programs and customize any printer. You should simple install DOSPRN, run your DOS program and print reports.

DOSPRN is distributed as Shareware. You can learn how to use DOSPRN during the trial time. After this period, you should register your copy or remove it completely from your computer with the uninstall utility under the DOSPRN Program Group.


Download and run the self-extracting file DOSprn200.exe. You'll be asked some simple questions. During installation, DOSPRN copies all needed files and shortcuts to your computer.

Program Start

You can start DOSPRN by clicking on a shortcut on your desktop or in the "Startup" folder (in case you selected this option during installation). After you start DOSPRN, you can find its icon in the tray area (near the system clock, usually in right bottom corner). Display icon and progress of printing in tray area DOSPRN ready to work now.

Program Features

If you right-click on the DOSPRN icon in the tray, you will see a popup menu. This menu gives access to the main program options. Menu options:

  • Open - opens the main properties window  
  • Print File - prints a file
  • Print job - prints your current job (if the 'auto print' option is disabled)
  • Orientation - changes paper orientation
  • Clear job - removes your current task from DOSPRN queue (if the 'auto print' option is disabled)
  • Cancel - closes the popup menu
  • Exit - closes DOSPRN
Manage DOS printing by popup menu

Main properties window

Automatic capture printed text under Windows98, Windows200 and WindowsXP

Job Time-Out

This is amount of inactivity time before printing starts. If the DOS-application doesn't send anything to the printer during this period, DOSprn begins printing. 

Auto Print

If this option is enabled, DOSPRN automatically begins printing your current job after the time-out period. Otherwise, you can set up your printing job manually.

Capture Port

DOSPRN captures all data that applications send to the LPT with full print data translation.

Print File

You can simply send a text file in ASCII to your printer.

Print Job

Print your current job (if the 'auto print' option is disabled)

Clear Job

Remove your current job from the task list (if the 'auto print' option is disabled)

Spool Filename (filemask)

Name of the file (or mask of files) which contains the temporary spool buffer data. 

if you have to specify non-default value for this option you have to disable 'Capture Port' feature.

Interface Language:

Select the language of the program interface. English, French,  Deutsch, Swedish, Dutch, Italiano, Slovak, Espanol, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Catalan, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Latvian, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish and Polish interfaces are available now. You can translate the interface components into your native language. Please read more about language interface modules or mail support.


Select the default paper orientation

Wrap Long Lines

When this option is selected, DOSPRN will wrap all lines  exceeding the specified limits

Use Form Feed Symbol

DOSPRN can either process FormFeed symbol (ASCII 12) or ignore it.


DOSPRN can process LineFeed symbol (ASCII 10) as a simple return for the current printing position to the same position in the next line, or as pair CarriageReturn  (ASCII 13) and LineFeed (ASCII 10). In the second case the printing position will move to the beginning of the next line.

Run Minimized

If you select this option, DOSprn will start minimized in the system tray by default. Otherwise, the main properties window will be opened after start.


Select your current printer. Note: if you use a network printer, you do not need to specify a local port

Escape sequences emulation

The program features ESC-sequences support. DOSPRN can emulate various schemes including the frequently used Epson Esc-P2 standard, HP PCL, IBM Proprinter, the default DOSPRN scheme, or a user-defined scheme.

Fonts Properties

DOS printer codepages, margins and fonts selectable


You can see the list of installed fonts here. Monospaced (fixed-width) fonts are displayed in green, while proportional fonts are in red. We recommend that you use monospaced fonts (like "Courier New" or "Lucida Console"). 

Display Monospace Only

If this option is selected, the fonts list will include monospace fonts only

Code page emulation

Codepage. DOSPRN supports 850 (Western European), 852 (Central European), 737 (Greece), 874 (Thai), 932 (Japan [shift_jis]), 936 (Simplified Chinese [gb2312]), 949 (Korean [EUC-KR]), 950 (Traditional Chinese [Big5]), 437 (USA), 862 (Hebrew), 775 (Baltic), 855 (Cyrillic), 1125 (Ukrainian), 866 (Russian) and other codepages now. 

The "Preview" button preview codepage allows one to view file ASCII.tbl in this codepage. The preview picture must match the appearance of this file in the DOS-box.

If you are comfortable with all this, you can read more about codepage modules structure and modify codepage files yourself. Otherwise you can e-mail support if you have problems or special needs.


A default font size.


This is a parameter specifying the number of characters per inch. There is interdependence on the font style and size.


This is a parameter specifying the number of lines per inch. There is interdependence on the font style and size.


Top, left, bottom and right margins' sizes will be applied when printing a text document from DOS-applications. There is not interdependence on the DOS document settings.


The preview section displays the currently selected font in WYSIWYG mode

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