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Language module description

DOSPRN interface enjoys multi-language support. English, French,  Deutsch, Swedish, Dutch, Italiano, Slovak, Espanol, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Catalan, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Latvian, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish and Polish modules are up and running now.

Language module Editor
English Alex Goldberg <>
Polish Niemczewski Krzysztof <>
Deutsch Bernd Schmidli <>
Swedish Dan Godman <>
French Patrice Clermont <>
Informatique <>
Bulgarian Computer Group Ltd. <>
Ukrainian Alex Goldberg <>
Latvian Andrejs Gaiduks <>
Espanol Ropecito Driottz <>
Miguel Conde Iglesias <>
Czech Sekyra Tomáš <>
Italiano Gianpaolo Avallone <>
Romanian Eugen Mathe <>
Catalan David Gimeno <>
Slovak vladoN <>
Greek Stelios Karkazis <>
Croatian Dejan Stojnic <>
Dutch Bouke J. Henstra <>
Belarus vacant
Hungarian Nather Laszlo <>
Portuguese Luiz Fellipe Carneiro <>
Turkish Savas Gultekin <>
Serbian Aleksandar Bokan <>

Users can modify the existing module or create their own. The language module is a text file encoded in UTF-8 with a .LNG extension that includes strings of the types below:


In this example, "sentence definition" is a predefined name of DOSPRN window control and you cannot modify these strings. "Sentence translation" is a translation of the DOSPRN control name into your language. You may freely change these strings. 

You can copy any language module file to a new file (but with the same extension) and open it with Notepad (or a different text editor). Then you can modify any "sentence translation" and save the file.

After you've updated your language file, you should restart DOSPRN and your language module will be loaded.

If you create a new interface module or modify the existing one, please send it to us. We'll be glad to include it in the next version of DOSPRN with reference to your authorship so that other users can use this language module.


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