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Printing files

You can print text files using the DOSPRN program.
While DOSPRN's main purpose is to help print reports from DOS programs, you can also use it to print text files.
Open main DOSPRN window, press a 'Print file' button and select the required file.

What kind of files can be printed with DOSPRN?

These are text files created many years ago using DOS text editors such as "MS-DOS Editor" (EDIT.COM), "Multi-Edit", "WordStar", "PC-Write" etc
You can also print texts typed in modern raw text editors such as Notepad, Ultraedit, Vim etc

Is it possible to print texts typed in WYSIWYG editors?

There were several WYSIWYG editors for DOS, such as "ChiWriter", "MSWord for DOS".
You can print texts typed in these editors, but not directly from DOSPRN. To do this, you need to launch the text editor itself, load the desired text into it and print it.

What texts I can't print with DOSPRN?

Documents typed using WYSIWYG editors for Windows, you will not be able to print using DOSPRN. If you typed text in Word for Windows, or Excel for Windows, you need to use the same programs to print such documents.

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