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    • How can I set DOSPRN to support DOS-programs in my language?

      You should first choose the proper codepage. Please look within the DOSPRN window -> "Fonts" tab -> "Font settings" region -> "Code page emulation" listbox.

      DOSPRN supports 850 (Western European), 852 (Central European), 737 (Greece), 874 (Thai), 932 (Japan [shift_jis]), 936 (Simplified Chinese [gb2312]), 949 (Korean [EUC-KR]), 950 (Traditional Chinese [Big5]), 437 (USA), 862 (Hebrew), 775 (Baltic), 855 (Cyrillic), 1125 (Ukrainian), 866 (Russian) and other codepages now. 

      The "Preview" button preview code page allows you to view ASCII.tbl file in this codepage. The Preview picture must match the layout of this file in the DOS-box. See more about codepages modules. If you have a clear idea of all this, you can create your own codepage module (*.cp or *.cpx) yourself. Otherwise, e-mail support.

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